Turn the Light Off


And can you not…

Turn the light off?

A constant buzz, a flash

A noisy.

My being tires of you.

Concrete. Fake smiles.


Wearied walks, legs–

Could you turn the light off please?

Then water.

Dense silence.

Limbs moving

A seldom known quiet.

A voice

A mountain

A reaching

A vision

Turn that light off.

Let it swallow me whole.


Sealed pure.

Turn it off.

And let me hear it.

You know that sound–

An echo vibration.

A shaky yet stable.

Turn off.

Turn of YOU.

You as in me.

And you IN me.


Let me separate


Turn off the light.

Let me taste richly

See in the clear

Calm me.

Please turn off that light…

And let me live simply

Rock gently

Cook in hum.

Hot tea

Woods deep

A lake, the sea.

Just you and I

Take me to our Eden.

I’ll hang the clothes to dry

Wake you with a soul song

Listen to you through our eyes

Kiss you gently yet fiercely

At once.

Let me love you saturatedly.


So turn off that light.

In the mute

Find me free…


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