But I Can’t

I’ll make this short.

Perhaps you’ve doubted…

A Believer

But a Thomas

There’s an ounce in each

Of us.

See I’ve struggled with it

Fought against

Laughed, Smiled, Cried


Vehemently shouted “NO!”

“I won’t!” I said… “And I don’t have to if I don’t want to…”

Fickle, indignant.

And I’ve tried, you see?

To call myself crazy…

To call it in my head…

But I can’t.

Faith of that which is tangible

Is not really faith at all

Is it, my love?

We look and search and inquire of…


But let me ask you–

What did He tell you?

Our Maker?

Darling, trust…

And move.

Because I’ve tried to shake you

And the reality that doesn’t seem real.

But I can’t.



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