Even If


And even if 

Another were to take me home

I’d still keep your memory close

Fondly think of you

The promise of you

Altogether different

Than what I supposed

With fall

Your being would drop ripe

With me doing the picking

And later savor

With winter

Every snowflake an imprint


Of you being a creation

Wholly individual

Wholly beautiful

With spring

As the green hues shout forth

I’d remember the depth of your eyes

And the sincerity of new beginnings

Of new, fresh love

And come summer

The weight of the dew, the air

In the morning

Would remind me of your richness

Your saturated with valiance

Your honor

In the mornings as the sun rises

I would remember

the glow in your eyes that day

That Sunday

When you looked at me 

Like I was the only one in the universe

Like I was something to behold

And at nights

Gazing at stars, moon

I would think about how I let you love me

How I pretended that you were right next to me

Imagined that you were holding me

Whispered to myself

“One day you’ll be here, and I can love you”

Darling, I say “even if”

But I don’t give up that easy

And I don’t know whether I have it within me

To love another like I love you

So, no

I can’t reside in the home of a heart

That doesn’t belong to you


I can’t stand how much I love you.

I cry almost every night nowadays, which is strange.

Not because I’m depressed, but I tear up when I let myself think of how much I love you.

I have to go to sleep now, but guess what happened today?

A bird just up and crapped on the back of my head. I didn’t like it.

Anyway, I love you. I hope your day was amazing. I look forward to the days when you can tell me all about it.

But for now, goodnight, and also, I think that you are the most beautiful creation on the face of this planet. That is all. 


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