Saw him at the gym.

Looked like you.

The hair, the beard, the face

The dark skin.

The quietness
The stoic

It was enough to where

I looked at him to compensate

And felt badly.

But you’re not here

And it’s something to think about

All other men

Mere mannequins.

You are beautiful darling
And that makes me ponder

While growing fonder.

I still ask

When are you coming home?

Not geographically

But to hear your voice on the other end
Of the line

I wouldn’t want to speak and break
The sound, the song of it.

Your rhythms.

Tell me, love
Have you figured out yet

How to stop loving me
As I’ve tried to cease
Adoring you?

Pray, show me how
Show me how
Show me how

It’s a gentle ache
But it permeates

Makes me ponder
While growing fonder

I do so want
To smell your skin
Breathe you in.

The little groove right behind the ears
The warmest spot
The best spot

I would shower it
With my kisses.

At night
Alone in bed
In this large room

I cry for you.
I cry.

But I will wait


I’ll wait.


Turn the Light Off


And can you not…

Turn the light off?

A constant buzz, a flash

A noisy.

My being tires of you.

Concrete. Fake smiles.


Wearied walks, legs–

Could you turn the light off please?

Then water.

Dense silence.

Limbs moving

A seldom known quiet.

A voice

A mountain

A reaching

A vision

Turn that light off.

Let it swallow me whole.


Sealed pure.

Turn it off.

And let me hear it.

You know that sound–

An echo vibration.

A shaky yet stable.

Turn off.

Turn of YOU.

You as in me.

And you IN me.


Let me separate


Turn off the light.

Let me taste richly

See in the clear

Calm me.

Please turn off that light…

And let me live simply

Rock gently

Cook in hum.

Hot tea

Woods deep

A lake, the sea.

Just you and I

Take me to our Eden.

I’ll hang the clothes to dry

Wake you with a soul song

Listen to you through our eyes

Kiss you gently yet fiercely

At once.

Let me love you saturatedly.


So turn off that light.

In the mute

Find me free…