In The Time We Were Apart

In the time we were apart

I was in your arms still

I was holding you near


I was moving heavier


Heavily forward




I lifted prayers to the sky

And our Father blessed them.


For you

The whole world

And all the favor



For you

Joy beyond reason


I love you

Steadily and sure

And even though we have not

Yet met.


We still have an anniversary

The Summer of 2013

When you fell hard for me.


And I fell…

Like the leaves and twigs

That Fall.




Never doubt how much I love you.

For as long as I’m on Earth


My eyes gaze upon Heaven

But my feet are planted next to yours.


Rooted so.


When the time is right

Feel no need to knock

The door is always ajar


Don’t bother wiping your feet

For I want your dirty too


All of you is welcome

All of you belongs


Because when you are with me

What feels like home

Will be complete.



I’m only writing this down because I believe that I should give some sort of introduction before I go into my poetic spiels or crazy whatevers. I am Neema. There are many things associated with that name, and I can assure you that on other sites I go into more than enough detail about what it means to me, but I want simplicity here. I was going to say “take me as I am,” but that would imply that I am looking for some sort of approval, or to please. I do that enough on a daily basis, so this is what I shall say instead:

I invite you into my world.

I don’t much care whether or not you like it.

But I am sure you’d find me lovely if we did meet.